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Reyna Harilela Entertainment

Reyna partnered with her sister Shirley in 2005 to found the company Bonvivant Bellavita Ltd, in which Reyna serves as Director. Her company is a premium public relations and events management agency, specializing in luxury and fashion.

The social duo saw a need in making boutique communication and public relations more personal, and they strive to develop relationships between clients and audiences. Reyna has 8 years of experience managing the company, marketing their services and meeting with clients. In addition, she plans a variety of events on a monthly basis and provides complete service to corporate and fashion events.

Reyna is a devoted mother who enjoys working out, reading and travelling around the world to visit her children. 


We are Dedicated to Delivering Customized Communication and Marketing Strategies you Need to Retain Clients. We Provide Guest Management and Event Management

Running and Managing the Company, Marketing Our Services, Meeting with Clients, We Plan 4 to 5 Event Teach Month, We are a Full Service for Corporate and Fashion Events

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